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Australia is burning. It’s time to ditch the dirtiest fossil fuel (Greenpeace)

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Unprecedented megafires are raging across Australia: an area the size of Scotland has already been burned and people and animals, have lost their lives.

Meanwhile Australian PM Scott Morrison remains committed to coal. Australia is the second biggest coal exporter in the world – and still investing. It’s denialism of the highest order.

As the UK gears up to host the next big UN climate conference, COP26, British politicians have a lot of work to do to reduce our emissions at home. But they have already taken an important step – committing to phase-out coal by 2025.

So first on the list for our new PM Johnson is to show some climate leadership and urge PM Morrison – as an important global ally and friend – to quit coal, urgently. Now is the time.

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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson“Please urge Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to take the climate emergency seriously and move away from coal. The climate crisis is not going away.”

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