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Siemens: Don’t help Adani fuel the climate crisis (#StopAdani)

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Siemens has sided with Adani over the Australian community, ignoring pleas from thousands of Australians, including bushfire survivors, to protect lives, health and the climate by saying No to Adani.

This isn’t over. Tell Siemens’ CEO Joe Kaeser that his decision to provide rail signalling for Adani’s climate-wrecking coal project while Australia burns through a coal-fuelled climate crisis is simply indefensible.

Send an email to Siemens’ CEO Joe Kaeser. Some talking points are include under ‘Email tips’ but please use your own words and personal stories, as this will make your message more impactful. Your message will also be sent to relevant departments at Siemens.

Email Siemens today

The #StopAdani movement is made up of thousands of individuals and community groups across Australia. No individual, group, or organisation can vouch for, nor is responsible for, content produced by the movement. For issues arising from individual or community group campaigns, we recommend you contact that individual or community group.

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