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Screening of “The Race is On”

event report

On 26th November 2019, with MMU’s support, we organised a screening at MMU Business School. The film was the 2019 documentary “The Race is On: Secrets and Solutions of Climate”. Directed by Paul Maple, it is a concise and yet quite detailed summary of challenges we face with regards to climate change as well as an overview of the solutions that we already know.

One of the main points made by the film is that there is no time to procrastinate. A major risk is waiting for potential game changer technologies (like negative emission technologies) being discovered or upscaled when there are plenty of other possibilities that do not require extensive scientific research before they are ready to be used at a large scale.

The film also explores the requirement to re-think the current mainstream economic theories that are out of date and not fit for purpose anymore to tackle issues like climate change.

As a whole, this documentary is an efficient and powerful call to action and to remain optimistic yet demanding, to get the work done in time to avoid most of the dreadful impacts that a global rise in temperatures of more than 2°C would trigger.

It is free to re-watch on Youtube or on the Climate Race website directly ( or simply below:

We would like to thank again the film producers for allowing us to screen it, as well as MMU for hosting the event.

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