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Fed up of paying money to climate-wrecking companies? We’ve got three incredible offers for you if you switch to renewable energy…

  • Highest green rating from Which?
  • Good Energy works directly with a community of over 1,400 renewable generators of all sizes across the UK
  • Ethical Consumer “Best Buy” and 100/100 on Good Shopping Guide
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • £50 credit to you and £50 donation to Friends of the Earth when you switch – and you get a further £50 when you refer a friend.

Good Energy is a super green supplier Find out more about Good Energy

Switch to Good Energy Now

  • Ecotricity, the world’s first and only green energy supplier with no shareholders and not for dividend – they use the money from their customers’ bills to build new sources of green energy
  • Highest green rating from Which? and an Ethical Consumer “Best Buy”
  • All of the electricity and gas Ecotricity supply is animal-free and so they don’t support factory farming
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Ecotricity will donate £50 to Friends of the Earth when you switch, and another £50 donation for each and every year you remain a customer.

Ecotricity is a super green supplier Find out more about Ecotricity

Switch to Ecotricity NOW

  • Awarded the company who has done the most to advance renewables in Britain
  • The only Which? Recommended energy provider
  • Fair prices forever and new customers can save up to £259 a year
  • Typically £83 per month for 100% renewable electricity on a duel fuel bill
  • £30 credit to you and £30 donation to Friends of the Earth when you switch – plus £50 when you refer a friend!

In Spring 2020 Friends of the Earth ceased working with Octopus Energy. Find out more. Update on our work with Octopus Energy

Please use the links above so the energy company knows to apply any offers.

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Frequently asked questions

Are all these suppliers providing guaranteed coal-free/ nuclear-free electricity and frack-free gas?

Ecotricity, Good Energy and Octopus Energy only offer 100% renewable electricity – fossil fuel and nuclear free. All three companies oppose fracking.

Electricity comes from the National Grid’s mix of renewables, nuclear and fossil fuel power stations, so how can the supply from these companies be green?

All energy gets fed into the National Grid, whether it’s from renewable or non-renewable sources, and then through a local distribution network to your home. Our green energy partners make sure that every unit of electricity you use is matched 100% with a unit generated from renewable sources. By choosing one of their tariffs, you’re helping to make the grid greener.

Why didn’t the green energy company I use make your top three?

First of all, if you’re already with a green energy supplier, thanks – you’re already helping to save the planet. The energy suppliers we picked only have tariffs that offer 100% green electricity. We also preferred ones that were making other efforts to hasten the end of fossil fuel use, like buying directly from renewable generators or generating their own power. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of our top three.

Please direct any questions about each company’s approach to payment methods, discounts, smart meters etc to their help pages: EcotricityGood EnergyOctopus Energy. But if you have any questions about our energy switch campaign, our business partners or anything else, please contact us.

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