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Petition: Make streets safe for social distancing & save lives (Playing Out)

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All of us – including children and vulnerable people – are having to frequently step into the road to follow the 2m rule, as most pavements are too narrow to pass safely. We’re also being encouraged to walk and cycle more as lockdown eases.

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Many drivers are slowing down and making space but too many others are not. This is an extremely dangerous combination, risking lives and adding to stress, anxiety and fear when outside. 

As one parent puts it, “None of us should have to choose between risking our lives from the virus or from fast moving traffic”.

As our streets get busier again, we urgently call on the UK government, local authorities and police to:

  • Send a strong public message to drivers about the need to slow down and make space
  • Set an emergency national 20mph speed limit for residential streets
  • Urgently tackle speeding and other dangerous driving in residential areas
  • Consider other quick ways to make our streets safe for children and communities (eg this signage adopted in Pasadena, California)

Recent government funding for things like widening pavements on some busier roads is very good news, but realistically this won’t quickly change most ordinary residential streets. We need all our streets to be safe for children and communities right now.

Safer streets are also cleaner, friendlier, happier, healthier places to live.

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Playing Out is a national network of parents and residents working to make their streets safer for children and communities.  

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