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Ask your Councillors for on-street cycle storage!

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Read on to find out how to get secure cycle storage on your street.

Cycling is great for health, the environment and your pocket. Not everyone has somewhere at home to securely store a bike though. This can be inconvenient and, worse, can mean bikes are stolen or vandalised.

Cycle Hoops are a great idea. They provide lockable, covered enclosures for bikes and can be shared between neighbours. They might take up a car parking space, but think how many bikes you can fit in the space of a car. The Cycle Hoop website has much more information.

Some councils, like Salford for example, are installing these where residents want them.

You can use the text below to write to your local Councillors and tell them you want one on your road. Find out who your Councillors are on WriteToThem, a great resource for identifying your local representatives.

Cycle Hoop - from @cyclehoop Twitter

Dear Councillor,

I am writing as a resident of Old Trafford to request that you discuss with the relevant Trafford Council officers Cycling Officer … the possibility of installing Cyclehoop bike hanger style cycle parking in Old Trafford.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there is a crucial unfortunate need for people to physically distance when moving around outside as well as and the extreme restrictions on social activity. Walking and cycling rates have increased across the country and with this a need for more space to carry out these activities safely. Cycling not only enables people to take beneficial exercise, it also provides a much needed alternative to public transport use in at a time when people are concerned about being able to safety socially distance on buses, trams and trains. Provision for cycling therefore enables people to get to work, shops and social activities.

For the foreseeable future physical distancing measures will need to stay in place and for those who are returning to cycling or recently adopted this mode of transport there will be a need for many to find a suitable accessible, secure and safe place to store their bikes. As you know, many of the homes in Old Trafford are terraced houses with very limited space for easy bicycle access – especially if people have child buggies in their hallways.

One solution is the installation of Cyclehoops Bike Hangers [1], which offer secure storage for up to ten bikes and can take up the space of just one on-street car parking space.

Many boroughs in London have installed thousands of these bike storage solutions and Salford in Greater Manchester have installed 12 on a trial scheme. This type of residential cycle storage is supported by TfGM and Chris Boardman.

The council could draw funding from Transport for Greater Manchester and could either administer the use in- house or in using Cyclehoop themselves, charging residents a small fee per year.

With cycling numbers increasing and the need to support people to continue doing so, providing accessible, convenient and secure storage helps supports this positive behaviour change.

Could I ask that you discuss this proposal with the relevant Trafford Council officers and please get in touch if you require further information. Please let me know the outcome of your conversation.

Yours sincerely

[1] The link shows an example of a Cyclehoop bike hanger in the Lambeth Council area.

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