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Photogratree Competition: Results!

event report

The results of our 2020 Photogratree competition are in. Many thanks to our judge, nature photographer Luke Blazejewski.

Photogratree Competition 2020 Winner

Of the winning entry, Luke writes ‘I love how the bright golden sky reflecting on the cold, snowy ground creates an idyllic countryside scene. The tree is perfectly situated within its landscape and the church tower in the background harks back to the compositional style of the Romantics, and celebrates our relationship with the natural world.’

Congratulations to photographer Jacqui Ruddock (@JacquiRuddock) who told us: ‘I love seeing this tree outside my house change through the seasons.’

Why Trees?

The UK has legislated for net-zero emissions by 2050. Trees are important for the sequestering of carbon and the UK Committee on Climate Change has called for three billion to be planted over the next thirty years.

Friends of the Earth is campaigning nationally to double tree cover across the UK. Manchester Friends of the Earth are now planning to work across Greater Manchester to increase awareness, advocacy and public engagement in practical action to help support this cause.

To learn more or to find out how you can help in our tree campaign check out our page and events calendar.


The following photos were noted by Luke, receiving special commendation.

Steven Darbyshire (rogue neuron) Instagram ‘Hampsfell’
Photogratree Competition 2020 3 SC
Steven Darbyshire (rogue neuron) Instagram
‘Little Stretton’
Photogratree Competition 2020 4 SC
Goska Langrish Facebook ‘This lonely tree is in Longford Park in Manchester. Very photogenic and handsome all year round.’
Photogratree Competition 2020 5 SC
Clare Donegan, by Email ‘Golden Delish’
Photogratree Competition 2020 6 SC
Laura J Robinson, Facebook
‘A tree at my local park and I walk past it every time I go in for my lockdown walk.’
Photogratree Competition 2020 7 SC
Steven Darbyshire (rogue neuron) Instagram ‘Late afternoon.’
Photogratree Competition 2020 8 SC
Greg (gwsportraits) Instagram ‘Forests are definitely my favourite place to walk, this pine forest was amazing. Where do you love walking?’
Photogratree Competition 2020 9 SC
Jay Clarke (therapy.up.north) Instagram
‘Standing under the canopy of my favourite tree in Dunham Massey watching the sun go down last night.’
Photogratree Competition 2020 10 SC
Sleepy teacher (@smoster30) Twitter

Thanks to all our entrants. See all their brilliant photos in our Flickr album.

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