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Wildlife across the world is facing mass extinction, including here in the UK where a quarter of mammals are at imminent risk of disappearing.  

In Sir David Attenborough’s words:

“We’re facing a crisis. And one that has consequences for us all. It threatens our ability to feed ourselves. To control our climate. It even puts us at greater risk of pandemic diseases such as COVID-19.”

But instead of doing more to save nature from disaster our government looks set to rip up the rules designed to protect it. 

Its plans for drastic deregulation – from ditching environmental protections in the pursuit of a trade deal with Trump, to the watering down of environmental regulations in our planning system – mean the risks to wildlife, and to all of us, could soon dramatically rise. 

We urgently need to speak up before it’s too late.

Will you sign our petition and ask the UK government to act now to prevent mass extinction? 

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