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The government’s new plans to reshape the English planning system are a serious threat to our communities, local democracy and the environment.

These plans will weaken restrictions on what gets built and could remove the right for communities and elected councillors to have a say on many key planning decisions.

That means big developers and landowners could have more power to push through damaging developments without democratic scrutiny, at the cost of climate change, local nature and community wellbeing.

But the government is facing growing pressure to reconsider its proposals. The plans haven’t gone down well at all so far – there are now enough Conservative MPs opposing it to threaten the government’s majority in a vote. 

Let’s take this opportunity to put even more pressure on the government. We know there is huge concern among local councillors. 

Will you ask your councillor to defend local democracy and sign the open letter asking the government to rethink these disastrous proposals?

We’ve written a template message that you can personalise, so it should only take a minute.

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