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#CreateATree – Creative Arts Competition WINNERS!

We loved celebrating trees with your fantastic photographs that you sent us for our Photogratree Competition and so we followed it up with another creative celebration of all things tree… Our Creative Arts Competition – CreateATree.

We asked you to send in your paintings / abstract art / drawings / poems / crochet / sculptures and any other creative medium you enjoy using of trees and all that they mean to you.

We love the contributions from our winners, a beautiful poem from Alice Belton and a stunning painting by Paul Belton. Well done and thanks to all our entrants.

Cherry Blossom (Blowing in the Wind). 48” x 60” – acrylic & ink on canvas. Paul Belton

I See You
I see you, you blade of Grass,
Standing tall like solid brass,
I see you and your brilliant green,
I see that you want to be seen.

I see you with your head up high,
Standing proud up to the sky,
Each one standing tall and strong,
I see that you totally belong.

I see you Sun as you kiss that blade,
And shine and shimmer away from shade,
I see you Wind as you stroke their skin,
Moving about the army there-in. 

I see you Tree as you wave your hand,
At the top of your branches as if it was planned, 
I see your tall, thick, strong trunk,
I see that you haven’t shrunk. 

I see you as you share our breath, 
Endlessly giving until the death,
I see you with your leaves blessing me,
As I sit here underneath you, my Tree.
Alice Belton 2020

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