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Ask the government to keep its promise to stop funding dirty projects overseas

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Last year the UK government promised to stop funding polluting oil and gas projects abroad. It was a ground-breaking victory, thanks to action from people like you.

But now, just a few weeks later, the government might delay its promise and include loopholes allowing it to keep spending money on dirty industries across the planet.

This means taxpayers’ money – your money – could still be used to drive devastating climate breakdown.

Thankfully, the government has opened a public consultation to hear opinions on how and when to stop funding oil and gas abroad.

We only have until 8 February to take this opportunity. Will you respond to the consultation and ask the government to stand by its promise? We’ve written a template email that you can edit, so it should only take a minute.

Please ask the government to:

  • End funding for oil and gas projects overseas as soon as possible, not months or years in the future.
  • Remove any exclusions or exemptions that will allow oil or gas projects to be funded.
  • Pause all the oil and gas projects that are currently being considered, so no project is financed before the new policy starts.
  • Make this new policy as ambitious as possible to set a strong and inspiring example to other countries. 

Please respond to the consultation and ask the government to stand by its promise

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