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Fight for Clean Air in Greater Manchester

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We’re working with the British Lung Foundation to call for action on clean air in Greater Manchester.

Take our simple online action: send a letter to Andy Burnham.

We will be sending a letter to Andy Burnham, the re-elected Metro Mayor for Greater Manchester, to show how many local people are backing the plans for a clean air zone in Greater Manchester and the need for further plans to protect young lungs.

FIght for Clean Air in Greater Manchester

The current proposals are to roll out the country’s largest clean air zone (CAZ) outside London. When the CAZ is launched it could be a gamechanger for the city’s toxic air, helping protect future generations from harm and protect thousands of people who live with lung conditions.

But it isn’t going fast or far enough

Current plans to phase implementation from 2022 will cost more lives and put more people at risk. Toxic air causes new lung conditions, worsens existing ones and stunts the growth of children’s lungs. Every year 1,200 early deaths in Greater Manchester are caused from exposure to air pollution so it is no exaggeration to say that accelerating the pace of implementation will help save lives.

We also want to see far more details about how they plan to tackle pollution from private vehicles that aren’t currently included in the CAZ plans, given they account for 80% of miles travelled on GM roads.

Take our simple online action: send a letter to Andy Burnham.

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