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Green Living Tips

As a group we have put together lots of ideas to help us become more sustainability aware in our everyday life.

We would love your help to add to them. So take a look- decide where you can take your next step to a more sustainable lifestyle and make suggestions for others.

Big Green Week

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The way we get around accounts for approximately a third of our carbon emissions in the UK (excluding aviation); making thinking about the way we travel an important thing to consider. Read more

Sustainable Consumption

We all love a shopping spree, but at what cost? Here are a few shopping challenges. Read more

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Reducing the energy we use in our homes can make a big difference to the environment and our bank balance. Read more


How we choose to spend our money can help support the sustainable businesses we want to see and send a message to those companies contributing most to climate change and biodiversity loss that their behaviour is not acceptable. Read more


Making changes to our diet is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. Numerous studies have highlighted the benefits that reducing our meat and dairy consumption will have on the planet; so swap the meat for veg. Read more


Improving our green and blue spaces not only helps us address climate change and biodiversity loss but can be great for our mental and physical health.

Our own homes are a good place to start. Can our gardens and balconies be more inviting to pollinators and other creatures? Read more

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Learning more about the environmental issues that we face today and what we can do to play our part can be informative and inspiring! Read more

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