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End Sewage Pollution Now – how did the Greater Manchester MP’s vote? Write to them now!

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Last week the government had the opportunity with the Environment Bill to put it beyond all doubt that water companies have to act to stop pumping raw sewage into rivers and the ocean. Instead the Government decided to recommend their MPs reject key amendments that would have stopped water companies exploiting legal loopholes and treating rivers and the ocean as open sewers.

Currently, there are approximately 400,000 sewage pollution events a year. Putting a legal duty on water companies to take steps to reduce their reliance on CSO’s could have made a real difference by forcing water companies to finally tackle their shocking sewage pollution record.

The Environment Bill goes back to the House of Commons for a “Second vote” on the #EnvironmentBill sewage amendment this coming Wednesday (27th October). See Table below for details of how the Greater Manchester MPs voted.

Please read the Surfers Against Sewage blog and click on the link to email your MP and ask them to support the amendment.

So how did Greater Manchester Members of Parliament vote on the Sewage Amendment (Division 91) ? (See note 1 below)

So until the ink is dry on the Environment Bill and if your MP did not support the Sewage Amendment please write to them and demand change.

Note 1. The full voting list is available on the Hansard website. In the arcane world of parliamentary procedure the actual vote was for a motion to reject the Sewage Amendment – so the “Aye” votes are voting against the Amendment and the “No” votes are actually voting for the Amendment ! For purposes of clarity the table above shows who voted “against” and “for” the amendment.

Some Greater Manchester MPs were not present for this vote and may have been “paired” with an MP from another party so the overall vote is unchanged.

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