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Clothing in the festive season

Clothing is always a popular gift around the festive season, but fast-fashion has been recognised as one of the most environmentally destructive industries on the market. Every year in the UK, an estimated £140m worth of clothing is sent to landfill, this is equivalent to about 350,000 tonnes of wasted materials. With this in mind, try one of the following sustainable and unique clothing businesses this season: 

Rapanui are a sustainable clothing business making their products from natural materials using renewable energy. Their business model is cyclical, meaning they encourage consumers to return their clothing back to Rapanui once it is worn out or no longer desired, they then repurpose all returned clothes into new products. 

Everpress are also pushing against traditional clothes retailers by embarking on a sustainability journey that supports grassroots creators and reduces waste in fashion. Their pre-order model means that they only produce exactly how many items are ordered by their customers by using “campaigns” rather than mass-producing garments. Their pre-order model has already saved over 336 million litres of water and 124,000 t-shirts from landfill. By pre-ordering t-shirts made to order, none go to waste. However, it will take longer to receive your item, so be sure to check the length of the campaign period. 

For the outdoorsy folk, Patagonia offer top-quality, sustainably sourced clothing. They donate 1% of annual sales to grassroots environmental groups, they make 72% of their range from recycled materials, and they offer a lifetime repair policy – if your Patagonia garms wear down over time you can take them back to a Patagonia store and have them repaired for free. 

There are plenty of sustainable clothing brands out there, just take a minute to view the climate pledge on clothing websites to see what their contributions are. 

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