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Real vs. Fake Christmas trees

Deciding whether to go for an artificial or real Christmas tree this year will have differing effects of the environment. If you already own an artificial tree, it is of course better to keep using it. If, however, you don’t own an artificial tree, evidence suggests that a real tree may be more sustainable. 

According to The Carbon Trust, a 6.5ft artificial tree is responsible for about 40kg of GHG emissions, meaning you’d need to use it for about 10 Christmases for it to have a lower environmental impact than a real tree. Most of these emissions come from the plastic that is used to make artificial trees, so look out for ones made from wood or recycled materials instead. 

If opting for a real tree – stay local. You can use the British Tree Growers Association website to find local grown tree suppliers near you.  

You can also rent a tree this Christmas which, once returned, will be replanted so they can be rented out again in the future. Or, for the gardening enthusiasts, why not pot the tree yourself and care for it year-round.   

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