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Help stop plans for a new Coal Mine in Cumbria ! Draft letter to your M.P.


I am writing to you regarding the proposed new coal mine near Whitehaven in Cumbria. The Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities will soon decide whether to grant planning permission for the mine. I am firmly opposed to the mine and ask that you pass on my concerns to the Secretary of State.

I oppose the mine for three main reasons:

  • It will increase carbon emissions: the mine’s annual emissions, including from the use of the coal, would be equivalent to around 2% of total UK emissions. This will add to the climate crisis at a time when we need to cut emissions fast. Giving permission for the mine would also make it harder for the UK, as President of the COP climate talks until the autumn and as a founding member of the Powering Past Coal Alliance, to encourage other countries to move away from coal and to cut emissions.
  • The mine would produce coal for steelmaking. This will not replace production from elsewhere but will add to global coal supplies. Only 10-15% of the coal produced in Whitehaven will be used in the UK, with the rest being exported. Demand for this coal is likely to decline significantly in the medium to long term as steel makers move to greener production. The International Energy Agency has also said that if we want to be on course globally to reach net zero by 2050, then no new mines are needed.  Added to that, the Climate Change Committee have set a 2035 date for the UK’s steel industry to be decarbonised, which is only halfway through the proposed lifetime of the mine.
  • Supporting more fossil fuel extraction is not the right way to create long-term, sustainable jobs. West Cumbria, and areas like it across the country, need to be at the forefront of government plans to transform our economy and create thousands of new climate friendly jobs in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy and low-carbon heating.

I would ask that you pass on our concerns to the Secretary of State, as well as expressing your own opposition to the proposed mine. If you would like any further information about the proposed mine, please see the Friends of the Earth briefing.

Yours sincerely,

[Remember to include your address]

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