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Barclays AGM in Manchester

We know that we can’t build any new fossil fuel projects and avoid climate breakdown, but Barclays execs continue to put profit before a liveable planet.

Barclays is Europe’s biggest funder of fossil fuels – pumping £127 billion into fuelling climate chaos since the Paris climate agreement was signed in 2016.

picture of mr frackhead - large puppet - protesting Barclays funding of fossil fuel projects
Mr Frackhead telling Barclays to frack off

Barclays has recently announced a new ‘Climate Strategy’ which is so weak it makes their own ‘Net Zero by 2050’’ goal impossible! During their AGM they will be trying to get shareholder approval for this greenwash.

The AGM is on Wednesday the 4th May where we will be greeting attendees and encouraging them to not adopt their proposed climate strategy but demand real action on climate change.

Before the AGM we will be hosting two prop and banner making sessions – Monday 25th April and Friday 29th April (see links for details)- we would love to see you.

If you can make the AGM on the morning of the 4th May – sign up here to join our protest outside their AGM.

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