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Corporate Justice (Planet Over Profit)

Behind much of the food we eat and products we consume are powerful companies who drive massive environmental and human destruction in places like the Amazon and Indonesian rainforests. Palm oil, timber, meat, soy and coffee are all examples of products that find their way to our shopping baskets through sprawling trade arrangements or supply chains.

However, the companies who bring these products to the UK and control and profit from supply chains have no legal liability for activities like land clearance, deforestation or mining.

These activities devastate local environments, exacerbate the climate and nature emergency, and destroy the livelihoods of local communities and workers, particularly in the Global South.

Friends of the Earth is campaigning with the Corporate Justice Coalition for a new UK law that’ll hold companies, banks and public bodies to account for any socially and environmentally damaging impacts caused by their activities, and ensure they are held liable when harm occurs.

Please add your name to our petition asking MPs to take action.

Over the next two years, in the lead up to the general election, we will be highlighting the links between the everyday products and foods we consume in Manchester and their international impact, making sure our MPs hear our concerns and pledge to act and encouraging individuals and businesses alike to back the call for a new law.

We need a new law to hold business, finance and the public sector to account when they fail to prevent supply chain human rights abuses and environmental harms.

Corporate Justice Coalition

Please join us to call for a business, human rights and environment act. See below for more information and online action, and please see our calendar for upcoming meetings or email

More on the commodities we are campaigning on.


Timber has the largest land footprint overseas of all commodities imported into the UK. Read more here..

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