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Ask your Council for on-street cycle storage!

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Read on to find out how to ask your local Council in Greater Manchester to install secure cycle storage on a street near you!

Cycling is great for health, the environment and your pocket. But not everyone has somewhere at home to securely store a bike though. This can be inconvenient and, worse, can mean bikes are stolen or vandalised. If you have nowhere to safely store a bike, you’re unlikely to take up cycling, and this issue particularly affects people on lower incomes.

Bike Hangars from CycleHoop (*) are a great idea. They provide lockable, covered enclosures for bikes and can be shared between neighbours. They might take up a car parking space, but think how many bikes you can fit in the space of a car…. the answer is six! The CycleHoop website has much more information. (*other brands are available).

Cycle Hoop - from @cyclehoop Twitter
Bike Hangar from CycleHoop installed on residential street in London.

Some councils, like Salford for example, have previously installed 12 bike hangars as part of a trial several years ago. Others are being installed to provide storage facilities for the Bike Libraries being introduced in Bury and other Greater Manchester locations. But compared to London councils, who have literally installed thousands of Bike Hangars over the last 5 years, there is very little on-street residential cycle storage being installed by GM councils.

Many London councils also provide online registration forms for people who would like on-street cycle storage which helps identify where demand is high and target installations in those areas. See example below from Brent Council.

Ask your Council for on-street cycle storage

If you would like to see on-street cycle street on your street please write to your local council and let them know you are interested.

We have prepared a draft email via Action Network to send to your relevant local council Executive Member with responsibility for transport, highways or environment.

Tell the council you’d like on-street cycle storage


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