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Sign the petition: Ask Greater Manchester MPs to take action for warm homes

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Millions of people are struggling with soaring bills and the rising cost of living. Even with the government’s price freeze, the average energy bill has almost doubled in 12 months.

Here in Greater Manchester people are left with the impossible choice of staying warm or putting food on the table.

We need our government to do more and our MPs can help make that happen.

We’re calling for:

  • Urgent support for people dealing with sky-high energy bills. Far more help is needed – through price guarantees, targeted extra payments and fair energy pricing.
  • A new emergency programme to insulate our heat-leaking homes. Upgrading our homes with insulation is the cheapest and easiest way to permanently reduce our bills and cut emissions.  
  • An energy system powered by cheap, green renewables. To end the need for expensive and polluting gas in the long term, we must move to a homegrown, renewable energy system.

Can you take a minute to call on your MP to take action for warm homes?

Please sign the petition today!

United for Warm Homes is a growing movement of community groups and activists from all walks of life campaigning for a common goal: warm homes for all. Visit the United for Warm Homes website for more information and how you can get involved.

If your organisation would like to support this petition, please email us at and we will add your name/logo to this page.

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