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Stop the Chop

The ‘Stop the Chop’ campaign is calling for the UK’s Timber supply chain to be cleaned up, with a particular focus on Sarawak, in Malaysia, South East Asia.

Tropical timber is being ripped from rainforests, against the wishes of Indigenous communities, and is being certified and sold on the world market as ‘sustainable’. However, sustainably certified timber from Malaysia under the PEFC label, is a voluntary scheme that is failing to stop rainforest destruction and human rights violations.

Long Moh Blockade,
Upper Baram, Sarawak,
November 2021

The UK is the world’s third largest importer of this timber. Read more here on the UK and timber imports.

Indigenous peoples in Sarawak have repeatedly protested logging on their territories. They want to protect their forests. But logging companies keep encroaching and disrespecting humans and nature. Unfortunately, voluntary sustainability labels do not guarantee that human rights and the environment are respected, a strict law is needed.

To learn more about the issue take a look at this short film – A Forest Funeral – that took place in London earlier this year.  

To find out what you can do – Take action here.

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