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Buses are brilliant – let’s keep them moving!

Bus lanes work! They make journeys quicker and more reliable, which encourages more people to choose the bus… and that’s good news for all road users.

Buses are vital for connecting people, reducing traffic and cutting carbon emissions. A single full bus can replace up to 75 cars on our roads!

For bus travel to thrive, dedicated bus lanes and other bus priority measures are essential. But the Government is considering moves that would weaken bus lane provision, giving cars more priority.

Without bus lanes, buses get snarled up in traffic, making journey times longer and less reliable. This puts people off using buses, which in turn increases car traffic and congestion – bad news for everyone, including motorists.

Keep buses moving – email your Member of Parliament.

If you think bus lanes are important, please email your MP using our simple form. Let’s show the Government that people support bus lanes.

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