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Locals will ‘Warm Up’ in Manchester City Centre, demanding Government action on fuel poverty.

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1st December 2023

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Local people struggling to heat their homes plan to hold a Warm Up protest, demanding the government take immediate action on UK fuel poverty. They point to damning subsidies and profits for fossil fuel producers and energy suppliers which are driving energy poverty and costing lives.

Campaigners from local groups, including: 

  • GM Unite Community
  • High Peak Unite Community
  • Manchester Disabled People Against Cuts (MDPAC)
  • High Peak Green New Deal
  • Manchester People’s Assembly
  • Debt Justice
  • Manchester Friends of the Earth
  • Fuel Poverty Action

will arrive near Boots on Market Street in Manchester at 11.45am for a 12 noon kick-off on Friday 1st December.

They will hold a speak-out on what is wrong with the UK’s energy system, with speakers addressing the problems and solutions from different perspectives.

Expect a loud and colourful demonstration which will encourage participation from shoppers and passers-by. Members of the Unite For Energy For All campaign will be giving out postcards for people to send to their MP.

Other Warm Up protests will be taking place across the country on Friday and Saturday in support of the Energy For All campaign which is supported by a wide range of campaign groups and trades unions. Actions are planned in cities including Glasgow, Bradford, London, Chesterfield, Bristol, Northampton and Corby.

One in four UK households are estimated to be in fuel poverty, and thousands of people die each year due to cold and damp homes. This especially affects people who are sick or elderly, and disabled people who have extra energy costs.

Immediate actions the UK Government could take, such as banning forced prepayment meters and ditching regressive standing charges, would prevent loss of life. Instead of these unfair measures, and in the context of the climate crisis, it should be a national priority to fix poorly repaired, poorly insulated housing, and to guarantee that every household has enough energy to cover essential needs like heating, lighting, hot water and medical aids. 

The Energy For All Manifesto sets out how this could be achieved. The demands of the Energy for All campaign include:

  • A ban on forced prepayment meters
  • An end to unjust standing charges
  • Energy efficient housing and heating
  • An Energy For All guarantee to end fuel poverty for good

“Energy For All is a much needed radical reform to our energy pricing system. Under our current system those who use more energy pay less per unit than those of us who are tightening our belts and cutting down on energy use. This is clearly upside down, unjust and a very simple thing the government could address to help households in the greatest need” 

– Holly Donovan, Unite Community member and spokesperson for the Unite for Energy for All campaign.

“People are ‘warming up’ to demand our human right to energy is respected and delivered. There’s plenty of money in energy company profits to ensure access to clean and affordable energy for all.” 

– Stuart Bretherton, from Fuel Poverty Action’s Energy For All campaign

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