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MPs warn government over extreme weather planning – Friends of the Earth reaction

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Friends of the Earth has welcomed today’s warning from a committee of MPs that the government isn’t doing enough to prepare for the long-term impacts of floods, storms and heatwaves. ​

Later this year (18-19 June) the High Court will hear a judicial review of the government’s plan for protecting people, property and infrastructure from the impacts of climate breakdown (The National Adaptation Programme [NAP]). ​

The legal challenge is being brought by Friends of the Earth and two people whose lives are already severely impacted by the climate crisis: a man who recently lost his home to coastal erosion and a disability campaigner whose health problems are exacerbated by severe heat. ​

Last month the Climate Change Committee (CCC) heavily criticised the government’s latest NAP, warning it “falls far short of what is required”. ​

Friends of the Earth’s head of legal, Will Rundle, said: ​

“MPs have given another damning assessment of the government’s preparedness for the impacts of climate change. ​

“It’s clear that ministers are not doing enough to protect people’s homes, lives and livelihoods from extreme weather events that increasingly batter the UK, with the greatest burden often falling on the more vulnerable in society. ​

“It’s all the more shocking that this failure in governance exists when the scientific understanding of the problems and solutions is high. We know what we need to do – it’s just that the political will is lacking. ​

“The government’s climate adaptation plan is completely inadequate – which is why we are taking the government to court later this summer.” ​


​For more information and interviews contact the Friends of the Earth press office on 020 7566 1649 or email ​

1. “Inadequate’ climate protection plan to be examined by High Court;

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