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Double UK Tree Cover

Trees have the potential to play an incredible role in combating climate chaos by removing planet-wrecking emissions from the air around us. They are also invaluable because they:

  • Protect against flooding by taking up water via their roots and stabilising soils
  • Support other forms of life from fungi through insects to birds and even other plants such as ferns and mistletoe
  • Remove airborne pollutants and help to cool the air in overheated urban areas
  • Act as a windbreak to prevent soil erosion and protect crops
  • Provide a canopy under which lower-growing crops can be cultivated in a forest garden

As well as all these advantages, trees have immense amenity value by improving the appearance of rural landscapes and city streets and squares.

However, despite the importance of trees, just 13% of the UK’s total land area is wooded. In contrast, the EU average is 35%.

We believe one of the best solutions to protect our environment is to double UK tree cover by 2045, but government targets currently fall well short of this goal.

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