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Run on Sun

Run on Sun is Friends of the Earth’s campaign to boost the use of solar power in the nation’s primary schools. Every community has a primary school, so this is the ideal opportunity to raise the visibility of clean renewable sources of energy as the only long-term solution to the country’s energy needs. It also proves we don’t need to consider dirty energy sources such as unconventional gas.

Current Government spending rules prevent schools from borrowing to raise the up-front installation costs of solar panels, which makes no financial sense in the long term. Many schools could benefit immensely via the feed-in tariff, with a potential annual income of up to £8000 for them to spend on activities, equipment and outings for their children. We are calling on the Government to change its policies and free up funding in order to let schools ‘Run on Sun’.

Friends of the Earth have also produced an information pack for local schools to find out more about this campaign. You can order the information pack online.

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