Greater Manchester’s air pollution problem presents health and environmental challenges to the conurbation.

Friends of the Earth is part of the Healthy Air Campaign.

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      Call for sustainable transport and healthy air for the city centre!

      Transport for Greater Manchester are seeking views on the development of the city centre. They are working with Manchester City Council and Salford City Council. You have until Wednesday 17th October to give your views on how you find getting … Continue reading

      8th Oct 2018

      Special Report: How air pollution is cutting life expectancy in Manchester (Granada ITV)

      Manchester has at times the dirtiest, most polluted air in Western Europe and people living in the city could have their lives shortened because of it.

      3rd Oct 2018

      Toxic air slips under the radar of parents, despite the huge risk it poses to children’s lungs

      Survey data released today by Friends of the Earth found that only 10% of parents with a child of school age (4-16) were worried about their child breathing dirty air while on schoolgrounds, or on their way to or from … Continue reading

      19th Sep 2018

      Imagine Different:  Re-designing Manchester – one parking space at a time!

      On Friday 21st September, Manchester Friends of the Earth is inviting people to join them to help redesign a car parking space in Manchester city centre into a picnic park complete with “grass”, plants, deckchairs, tea, cupcakes and sparkling conversation … Continue reading

      18th Sep 2018

      Interviews with women for PhD project on air pollution – can you help?

      My name is Maria – I am a PhD student at Manchester Metropolitan University. My PhD focuses on promoting the voices of citizens when it comes to air pollution and designing future clean urban environments. Specifically, I am focusing on … Continue reading

      15th Aug 2018
      Healthy Air Thumbnail

      News release: Get animated about air pollution!

      Today, Tuesday 14th August, Manchester Friends of the Earth are launching a powerful animation to highlight the damage caused by air pollution in Greater Manchester. The animation, created by Hannah Langfield a Manchester-based motion designer, vividly shows the dangers of … Continue reading

      14th Aug 2018

      DEFRA Clean Air Strategy consultation – Manchester Friends of the Earth’s response

      The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) recently consulted on the Government’s draft Clean Air Strategy. Manchester Friends of the Earth detailed response is available (pdf).  See below for the introduction to our response and why we need … Continue reading

      13th Aug 2018

      Yorkshire and the North East’s air pollution epidemic: nearly 300 locations breaching limits

      Data revealed by Friends of the Earth demonstrates the scale of air pollution across Yorkshire and the North East.

      24th Jul 2018

      Manchester Friends of the Earth response to the South East Manchester Multi Modal Study (SEMMMs) Refresh consultation

      Stockport Council recently consulted on a ‘Refreshed’ SEMMMs transport strategy.  SEMMMs is supposed to be the South East Manchester Multi-Modal Strategy. Unfortunately, over the lifespan of SEMMMs most of the focus has been on building new roads or widening existing … Continue reading

      18th Jul 2018

      Atmosphere: Towards a proper strategy for tackling Greater Manchester’s air pollution crisis (IPPR North)

      The levels of air pollution in Greater Manchester are lethal and illegal. In groundbreaking new analysis, King’s College London (KCL) has estimated that 1.6 million life years will be lost in Greater Manchester in the coming century due to its … Continue reading

      25th Jun 2018