Britain has a unique opportunity to clean up its power generation by replacing its existing fossil fuel power stations by renewable energy when they come to the end of their lives.  However, the Government is threatening to saddle the UK with another generation of gas-fired power stations, which would be in action for at least 20 years and would make it impossible for the country to meet its emissions targets under the Climate Change Act.

Friends of the Earth believes we cannot run the risk of another ‘dash for gas’, and pushed for a decarbonisation target to be included in the Energy Bill. This target would pave the way for many thousands of green jobs to be created in the renewables sector, as well as keeping the UK on track to meet its long-term climate goals.


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      Sign the petition: British homes, powered by sunshine. (10:10)

      10:10 are installing solar panels on the roofs of community organisations around the UK. They’ll save money on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. But shouldn’t all suitable buildings have solar?

      17th Mar 2018

      Switching On: How Renewables Will Power the UK – new report

      “By 2030 renewables should be able to produce at least 75% of our electricity while maintaining system reliability” Alasdair Cameron, report author With the cost of renewable energy falling, and advances in grid management and storage technology, the UK can … Continue reading

      26th May 2017

      Good Energy are offering to donate £50 to Friends of the Earth for each supporter that switches to clean, green energy.

      Our wonderful partners at Good Energy are offering to donate £50 to Friends of the Earth for each supporter that switches to clean, green energy.

      1st Mar 2016

      Clean up your business and switch to @GoodEnergy to generate a donation to Friends of the Earth

      We’ve been working with Friends of the Earth for over a decade. Together, we believe we can achieve a future for Britain that’s powered purely by clean, green electricity generated across the country.

      5th Nov 2015

      Top 10 regions for solar job losses

      As David Cameron’s Government announces plans to effectively end support for rooftop solar, the  solar sector is looking at huge job losses – from 3,000 in Scotland to 5,000 in the South East, and everywhere in between.

      8th Oct 2015

      Has the UK Government stepped up its “Dash-for-Gas”?

      One week after the Government turned down the big Navitas bay offshore wind farm, the Government has shown which technology it really loves. Gas. It’s approved a whopping new 1800 MW gas-fired power station in Lincolnshire, by French giant EdF Energy.

      18th Sep 2015

      Govt cuts wind subsidies – Friends of the Earth reaction

      Reacting to today’s Government decisions to end new subsidies for onshore wind farms, and changing planning rules that could make it far harder for new turbines to be built, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy campaigner Alasdair Cameron said:  “While … Continue reading

      18th Jun 2015

      More green energy investment urged, as new renewable contracts awarded

      Commenting on news today (Thursday 26 February) that just two offshore wind and only five solar projects have been awarded contracts following a Government auction, Friends of the Earth energy campaigner Simon Bullock said:  “Ministers should be investing far more … Continue reading

      26th Feb 2015

      Speaking up for wind power – does it work?

      In spite of the odds, wind power is going from strength to strength – which is why it has never been more important for local people to speak out and back projects if we want to do our bit to … Continue reading

      20th Feb 2015

      Search for N-waste site highlights need for clean renewables

      Commenting on Government plans to try and find a long-term site to store nuclear waste, Friends of the Earth’s Director of Policy and Campaigns, Craig Bennett said: “Nearly 60 years after the UK’s first nuclear power station was switched on, … Continue reading

      24th Jul 2014