This climate is changing. But it’s not too late to do something about it. What we do over the next five years will make a real difference to our lives and the lives of future generations.

Here at Manchester Friends of the Earth, we’re working locally to support people who want to live more sustainably, and to encourage businesses and other organisations to endorse Manchester’s climate change plan, Our Manchester Strategy    and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Five Year Environment Plan . 

We’re also keeping up the pressure on politicians to ensure the Government lives up to its pledge to be the greenest ever, setting us on a path to a clean, safe, nuclear-free energy supply and taking the lead in securing a strong and fair international climate deal.


General Election 2024 – what are your candidates’ views? #GE2024

6th Jun 2024

In the run up to the General Election on Thursday 4th July 2024, Manchester Friends of the Earth will be asking the parliamentary candidates standing for election in Greater Manchester to let voters know what they think about key environmental …

Local Elections 2024 – what are your candidates’ views?

1st Apr 2024

In the run up to the local council elections in Greater Manchester on Thursday 2nd May 2024, Manchester Friends of the Earth asked all candidates standing for election to let voters know what they think about key environmental issues.  #LE2024 …

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On Top of the World in a warm space

1st Feb 2024

‘On Top of the World’ (On Top) is a project that has been operating in the Hulme ward since 2015. At our AGM quiz on the 7th February we raised over £100 to support their warm spaces this winter. Thank …

United for Warm Homes campaign

1st Oct 2023

With energy prices reaching record highs amid a cost-of-living crisis, a greater number of people across the UK are entering fuel poverty. Friends of the Earth along with other partners across the UK is calling for action to tackle this …

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Sign the petition: Ask Greater Manchester MPs to take action for warm homes

29th Mar 2023

take action

Millions of people are struggling with soaring bills and the rising cost of living. Even with the government’s price freeze, the average energy bill has almost doubled in 12 months. Here in Greater Manchester people are left with the impossible …


United for Warm Homes - 'energy crisis' briefings for Greater Manchester constituencies

26th Jun 2024

Recent research by the Institute of Health Equity for Friends of the Earth estimated that 9.6 million households in the UK (34%) are at risk of living in a cold home. These households are on a low income and unable …

Warm Homes campaign stall at Force of Nature event - Rochdale Library

25th Apr 2024

event report

On Saturday 20th April, Manchester Friends of the Earth volunteers had a great day talking with people in Rochdale about the United for Warm Homes campaign. Community Arts North West have teamed up with Force of Nature led by three …

Night at the Museum - AGM and Quiz

22nd Feb 2024

event report

Thank you to all those who attended our AGM and Quiz night in early February this year.  We were lucky enough to have the Manchester Museum provide a lovely space for us and raised over £100 for the local group ‘On …

Greater Manchester's carbon-neutral by 2038 target - are we on track?

29th Sep 2023

event report

Ahead of the 2023 Green Summit on Monday 2nd October, Manchester Friends of the Earth produced our ‘Climate Report Card‘ (PDF). This is our analysis of Greater Manchester’s progress with its Five Year Environment Plan (5YEP) (2019-2024) towards the ambition …




Universities, pension funds, churches and other institutions are increasingly taking their investments out of coal, oil and gas. We’ve joined this rapidly growing global alliance, and are campaigning to persuade the Greater Manchester Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuels.


Big Ask

The Big Ask was Friends of the Earth’s national campaign asking the Government to set an emissions reduction target in law. Against a background of continually rising emissions from 1997 to 2005, and in the absence of any legal commitment to cut emissions, Friends of the Earth asked for a 3% year-on-year emissions reduction target to be written into law.


Friends of the Earth is asking for an end to biofuels targets and instead for investment in public transport and greater fuel efficiency, which will lead to the same reductions in emissions without making food unaffordable for the world’s poor.

Clean British Energy

Britain has a unique opportunity to clean up its power generation by replacing its existing fossil fuel power stations by renewable energy when they come to the end of their lives.


Friends of the Earth believes that a moratorium should be put in force on fracking for shale gas until its climate and safety issues have been thoroughly investigated.

Get Serious

Get Serious was Friends of the Earth’s campaign focusing on local authority climate targets. Local authorities have a major role to play in reducing carbon emissions, arising from their control over heating and lighting public buildings and coordinating public transport.

Run on Sun

Run on Sun is Friends of the Earth’s campaign to boost the use of solar power in the nation’s primary schools. Every community has a primary school, so this is the ideal opportunity to raise the visibility of clean renewable sources of energy as the only long-term solution to the country’s energy needs.