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This climate is changing. But it’s not too late to do something about it. What we do over the next five years will make a real difference to our lives and the lives of future generations.

Here at Manchester Friends of the Earth, we’re working locally to support people who want to live more sustainably, and to encourage businesses and other organisations to Manchester’s climate change plan, A Certain Future.

We’re also keeping up the pressure on politicians to ensure the Government lives up to its pledge to be the greenest ever, setting us on a path to a clean, safe, nuclear-free energy supply and taking the lead in securing a strong and fair international climate deal.


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Climate Logo

Ask your council to be a climate leader

At the Mayor’s Green Summit in March 2018, Andy Burnham announced his ambition for Greater Manchester to be ‘carbon neutral’ by 2038.

12th Jan 2019


Greater Manchester Spatial Framework – Friends of the Earth reaction

Commenting on the ‘Greater Manchester Plan for Homes, Jobs and the Environment – Spatial Framework’ published today (7 January), which sets out the planning blueprint for the city region for the next twenty years, Helen Rimmer, North West campaigner at … Continue reading

7th Jan 2019


Climate summit fails to agree tough action to slash emissions

The talks ended with weak action and gaping holes in the rule book for meeting climate targets

17th Dec 2018


Largest earthquake in Lancashire since fracking started

A 1.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Blackpool, Lancashire today

11th Dec 2018


Let’s make 2019 the year we save the planet: Friends of the Earth’s New Year’s resolutions for the climate

Friends of the Earth has pulled together a list of the lifestyle changes that will have the biggest positive impact on the planet; in terms of saving energy and cutting emissions.

10th Dec 2018


Send the Government a frack-free Christmas card!

In the two weeks that Cuadrilla tried fracking in Lancashire, 36 small earthquakes occurred around the fracking site in Lancashire.

8th Dec 2018


Climate agreements after Paris: countries, payments, and the climate emergency

A report reviewing climate commitments under the Paris Agreement by country has been released during the UN climate conference in Poland. “After Paris: inequality, fair shares, and the climate emergency” shows that the only way to succeed in the face … Continue reading

6th Dec 2018


Wales commits to a fossil-free future for sake of the planet

Friends of the Earth now calling for the rest of the UK to step up and end all fossil fuel projects

5th Dec 2018


Countries, cities and corporations committing to go ‘carbon neutral’

In May 2017, the people of Greater Manchester elected Andy Burnham as GM Mayor. In his manifesto, he committed to a new, accelerated ambition for Greater Manchester on the green economy and carbon neutrality, building on the leadership of the … Continue reading


How to be more engaging when communicating around climate change

Over the last three decades, reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have made it increasingly clear that wide-scale societal and political changes are required to ensure a sustainable, resilient future.

3rd Dec 2018