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This climate is changing. But it’s not too late to do something about it. What we do over the next five years will make a real difference to our lives and the lives of future generations.

Here at Manchester Friends of the Earth, we’re working locally to support people who want to live more sustainably, and to encourage businesses and other organisations to endorse Manchester’s climate change plan, A Certain Future.

We’re also keeping up the pressure on politicians to ensure the Government lives up to its pledge to be the greenest ever, setting us on a path to a clean, safe, nuclear-free energy supply and taking the lead in securing a strong and fair international climate deal.


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What climate targets have been set in Manchester?

Find out more about the climate targets that have been set in Manchester and Greater Manchester Continue reading

19th May 2019

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European Union elections 2019 – will the environment win?

Ahead of polling day on Thursday 23rd May, Manchester Friends of the Earth are inviting all North West MEP candidates to let their voters know their views on the 10 questions on key environmental issues. We will publish the results as they come in. Continue reading

12th May 2019


Public support for fracking at all time low

Time to pull the plug on this destructive, unnecessary and unwanted industry Continue reading

9th May 2019


Friends of the Earth reacts to Environment Agency’s strategy to tackle flooding and coastal change

Focus must first and foremost be on slashing emissions so that we can avoid the worst consequences of climate chaos in the first place Continue reading



Help create a full-time Climate Youth Champion!

A message from Amelia, campaigner with Young Friends of the Earth Manchester and member of the Manchester Climate Change Board and Youth Board Continue reading

3rd May 2019


There’s no speed cameras on the road to net zero, let’s go as fast as possible – response to Committee on Climate Change

A fifty-fifty chance of exceeding 1.5 degrees is “worse odds than Russian roulette” and we must reach net zero emissions faster to avoid the worst effects of climate chaos says Friends of the Earth in response to advice from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) on the UK’s emissions targets published today (Thursday 2 May). Continue reading

2nd May 2019


Open letter from GM-CAN to Manchester City Council

The Greater Manchester Climate Action Network calls on Manchester City Council to declare a climate emergency. Continue reading

1st May 2019


Local elections 2019…. is the environment winning? #LE2019

With one day of campaigning left before the local elections in Greater Manchester on Thursday 2nd May, Manchester Friends of the Earth welcomes the cross-party support from candidates for urgent action on key environmental issues facing us locally, nationally and worldwide. Continue reading



Heathrow court judgement “wrong” and “out of step with the world”

Today’s High Court decision to dismiss Friends of the Earth’s climate case against a third runway at Heathrow airport is legally and morally wrong and “out of step with the world” says the green group as it considers the possibility of appeal. Continue reading



Greenwashing Team Ineos arrives in Yorkshire as Friends of the Earth calls for fossil fuels to be banned from sports sponsorship

“Cycling is a human-powered sport with fans who care passionately about the environment. Ineos does not fit into that agenda.” Simon Bowens, campaigner at Friends of the Earth Continue reading