Fossil Free

Over 80% of the world’s coal, oil and gas reserves are unburnable if we want to stop climate change.

The hundreds of billions of pounds invested in energy projects every year need to be moved out of the fossil fuel industry, and invested in clean energy instead.

Universities, pension funds, churches and other institutions are increasingly taking their investments out of coal, oil and gas.

We’ve joined this rapidly growing global alliance, and are campaigning to persuade the Greater Manchester Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuels.


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      New report reveals Greater Manchester councils investing £1 billion in fracking industry

      A national report released today has revealed that Greater Manchester’s councils, led by Tameside Council, are investing £1 billion in fracking companies through their management of the local authority pension fund [1].

      3rd Sep 2018

      Campaigners call on the Greater Manchester Pension Fund to stop investing in fracking companies (Fossil Free Greater Manchester news release)

      On Monday 21st May, campaigners from Fossil Free Greater Manchester and pension fund members will be joining campaigners from Latin America at a vigil outside BP’s Annual General meeting in Manchester, calling on BP to stop fracking in Argentina and … Continue reading

      20th May 2018

      Greater Manchester Pension Fund member? Please send this crucial message to them

      We have a great opportunity to pressure the Greater Manchester Pension Fund to put its investments on a more sustainable footing and would love your help. ShareAction has put together a letter which pushes our fund to use its shareholder … Continue reading

      14th May 2018

      Greater Manchester Pension Fund lags behind other major cities on climate change

      Climate change campaigners are claiming a partial victory in their campaign for the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) to dump its investments in climate damaging fossil fuel companies – but they say GMPF is doing too little too late.

      14th Mar 2018

      Tell Greater Manchester Pension Fund that it’s (well past) time to start divesting !

      The Greater Manchester Pension Fund is consulting on its Investment Strategy Statement. The closing date for responses is Sunday 19 November. There’s more detail below, but our key message is that engagement with fossil fuel companies doesn’t work, and that … Continue reading

      13th Nov 2017

      Fuelling the Fire: Email your Councillor

      Local councils across the UK are investing £16 billion in the fossil fuel industry. That’s £16 billion of public money #fuellingthefire of the climate crisis, and propping up the fossil fuel companies responsible.

      9th Nov 2017

      News release: 5000 people call for GM Pension Fund to ditch fossil fuels

      A petition calling for Greater Manchester’s local authority pension fund (GMPF) to ditch dirty coal, oil and gas stocks will be handed in to the GMPF’s Annual General Meeting. Since the petition launch, over 5000 people have expressed their dismay … Continue reading

      22nd Sep 2017

      Campaigners hail UNISON decision as Greater Manchester Pension Fund faces more pressure to ditch fossil fuels

      Fossil Free Greater Manchester (FFGM) today hailed UNISON’s decision that local authority pension funds should stop investing in fossil fuels. UNISON members took the decision at their annual conference in Brighton.

      23rd Jun 2017

      What is divestment? And is your council funding climate change?

      Local campaigners have scored big successes this year in getting their local authority’s pension fund to take their investments out of fossil fuels. We were told it couldn’t be done. But campaigners in Haringey, Waltham Forest and South Yorkshire have all … Continue reading

      26th Oct 2016

      The hot debate on climate risk and pension investments: Does practice stack up against the law? (Investor Report)

      ClientEarth and ShareAction established a project in 2015 which set out to clarify the legal obligations of UK pension fund trustees and their asset managers to assess and manage climate and carbon-related financial risks (“climate risk”).

      13th Sep 2016