Feeding the 5000 is a campaign to raise awareness of the amount of edible food wasted in a city. This event was held in June 2013 in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens with a public feast of a delicious vegan curry made from ingredients that would have otherwise gone to waste, and more often than not gone in landfill! Along with participatory cooking sessions, educational and campaign stalls and more, this day brought more than 5000 people together to enjoy good food and learn simple ways they could reduce their own food waste and petition food businesses and the government to do the same.


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      Feeding the 5000

      Manchester Feeds the 5000

      Thanks to all the volunteers who made this afternoon’s Feeding the 5000 event a success, and to the weather for giving us unbroken sunshine. All the delicious curry went within a couple of hours. We estimate we fed 4800 people. … Continue reading

      15th Jun 2013

      5000 to Receive Free Lunch in Manchester to Fight Food Waste!

      Manchester Feeding the 5000 event – Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, 12noon – 4pm on Saturday 15th June

      12th Jun 2013

      Manchester Feeding the 5,000 – Saturday 15th June

      On Saturday 15th June between 12noon and 4pm, 5000 members of the public will be served a free, hot, nutritious lunch in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens. The meal will be made entirely from ingredients that would otherwise have been wasted, such … Continue reading

      29th May 2013