No to Fracking

Climate targets, clean water, and investment in renewable energy are all endangered by fracking for shale gas. This has been linked to groundwater contamination and public health issues in the US.

Although fracking has yet to get under way in the UK, there are already several test drilling rigs here in the North-West, on either side of the Ribble estuary. Studies have shown that burning all the shale gas claimed to be present in the UK would leave us with no chance of meeting our emissions targets, and would result in more expensive domestic electricity than we would get from renewables.

Friends of the Earth believes that a moratorium should be put in force on fracking for shale gas until its climate and safety issues have been thoroughly investigated.

If you want to know more about what fracking is and how it might affect you, please click this link to read the FAQ on fracking.


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      Public support for fracking at all time low

      Time to pull the plug on this destructive, unnecessary and unwanted industry Continue reading

      9th May 2019

      Greenwashing Team Ineos arrives in Yorkshire as Friends of the Earth calls for fossil fuels to be banned from sports sponsorship

      “Cycling is a human-powered sport with fans who care passionately about the environment. Ineos does not fit into that agenda.” Simon Bowens, campaigner at Friends of the Earth Continue reading

      1st May 2019

      INEOS defeated as campaigners celebrate right to free speech and peaceful protest upheld by Court

      Friends of the Earth today celebrated a huge legal victory over oil and gas giant INEOS at the Court of Appeal as INEOS’ anti-protest injunction is declared unlawful. Continue reading

      3rd Apr 2019

      URGENT: Ask your MP to attend fracking debate (CPRE)

      Our campaign to stop fast-tracked fracking has reached a crucial stage. Together, we’ve been able to force another debate in parliament on the government’s proposals to change planning rules to make it easier for companies to start exploratory fracking. This … Continue reading

      23rd Mar 2019

      Taking over Team Sky is a blatant attempt at greenwashing by Ineos

      “It’s a harsh change of tone that may see Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign to clear plastic pollution from our oceans ditched from the team jersey in favour of Ineos.” Continue reading

      19th Mar 2019

      Say NO to weaker earthquake rules for fracking (Campaign to Protect Rural England)

      The fracking industry is calling on the Prime Minister to weaken the rules on earthquakes.  Write to your MP today to oppose this proposal

      26th Feb 2019

      No to weaker regulations for unwanted shale gas ‘prize’

      Fracking company Cuadrilla have announced results of gas levels in Lancashire at the same time as calling for weaker fracking regulations.

      6th Feb 2019

      Disappointment as High Court does not uphold fracking challenge

      Disappointment from campaigners at today’s decision not to uphold a challenge to fracking firm Cuadrilla’s environmental permit in Lancashire.

      11th Jan 2019

      Largest earthquake in Lancashire since fracking started

      A 1.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Blackpool, Lancashire today

      11th Dec 2018

      Send the Government a frack-free Christmas card!

      In the two weeks that Cuadrilla tried fracking in Lancashire, 36 small earthquakes occurred around the fracking site in Lancashire.

      8th Dec 2018