No to Fracking

Climate targets, clean water, and investment in renewable energy are all endangered by fracking for shale gas. This has been linked to groundwater contamination and public health issues in the US.

Although fracking has yet to get under way in the UK, there are already several test drilling rigs here in the North-West, on either side of the Ribble estuary. Studies have shown that burning all the shale gas claimed to be present in the UK would leave us with no chance of meeting our emissions targets, and would result in more expensive domestic electricity than we would get from renewables.

Friends of the Earth believes that a moratorium should be put in force on fracking for shale gas until its climate and safety issues have been thoroughly investigated.

If you want to know more about what fracking is and how it might affect you, please click this link to read the FAQ on fracking.


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      Largest earthquake in Lancashire since fracking started

      A 1.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Blackpool, Lancashire today

      11th Dec 2018

      Send the Government a frack-free Christmas card!

      In the two weeks that Cuadrilla tried fracking in Lancashire, 36 small earthquakes occurred around the fracking site in Lancashire.

      8th Dec 2018

      Friends of the Earth challenge Lancashire fracking in High Court

      Friends of the Earth is suing the Environment Agency for failing to take the best course of action to protect Lancashire’s environment from fracking.

      29th Nov 2018

      Tell your MP to reject fast-tracking fracking

      On Wednesday, MPs will debate the government’s plans to fast-track fracking – and we need your help.

      28th Oct 2018

      12 years to limit climate catastrophe: UK starts fracking

      The government’s backing of fracking is ‘morally bankrupt’ says Friends of the Earth as fracking starts in Lancashire today.

      15th Oct 2018

      Fracking to begin in Lancashire after injunction turned down

      Fracking can now go ahead at the Preston New Road site in Lancashire after an application for an injunction was turned down by the court today.

      12th Oct 2018

      Interim injunction halts fracking in Lancashire on safety grounds

      Within hours of the industry heralding the start of fracking in Lancashire, an interim High Court injunction means that fracking cannot yet begin due to safety concerns.

      5th Oct 2018

      Bad for Lancashire, the UK and the climate: unwanted fracking to start

      Friends of the Earth and local residents vow to continue their fight as the industry says it will start fracking in Lancashire next week


      Bury Council votes against fast-tracking Fracking

      An emergency motion brought by Bury Council leader Councillor Rishi Shori, against the Government’s plans to fast-track planning for fracking, has been passed unanimously tonight (12 September). (1) 

      12th Sep 2018

      Urgent: Get your MP to the debate on fracking

      On Wednesday (12th September), for the first time in almost 3 years, MPs will debate #fracking in the House of Commons. This is massive!!

      8th Sep 2018