The Real Food Guide has been created to provide information on what ‘Real Food’ is, why to buy and eat it, and how to find it in Manchester and the locality.

See the Real Food Guide.


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      Bee-friendly shopper’s guide to Local Rapeseed Oil

      An earth- and pollinator-friendly diet is healthy for us as well as various wild bees, honey bees and other pollinators. This is so whether we are vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous and especially if it includes the best oils and fats.

      10th Jan 2018

      We’re updating the Real Food Guide

      We’re currently in the process of relaunching the Manchester Friends of the Earth Real Food Guide and we’d like you to help us out. This is our online guide to environmentally friendly food shops and restaurants in Greater Manchester – … Continue reading

      6th Jul 2016

      Cauliflower fritters

      This recipe has been adapted from a recipe in Ottolenghi’s Plenty. ¬†You could alter the vegetable to reflect what is in season.

      24th May 2013

      Recipe Competition – Anonymous – Levenshulme Paella

      1 Fry up the veg: onion, garlic, peppers, beans 2 Add rice and some spices -paprika, turmeric 3 Add a (very) generous slug of sherry 4 Add vegetable stock 5 Simmer till all cooked up Enjoy with a glass of … Continue reading

      28th Jun 2011

      Recipe Competition – Patty Doran – Vegan Palak Paneer (Spinach Curry)

      It’s easy, replace the paneer with tofu 1. Soften onions in olive oil (1 large onion chopped) 2. Cube a block of firm tofu and add to onions, brown slightly 3. Add other veges if you want (such as chopped … Continue reading


      Recipe Competition – David Hughes – Stuffed Pepper with Mixed Veg and Rice

      Boil the rice and mix veg, then take off top of pepper and remove seeds. Fill pepper and bake for 30 mins, gas mark 5


      Recipe Competition – John Broderick's Monday Margerita, to share

        4x limes if large, more if small 100ml Triple Sec 200ml Tequila Lots of crushed ice Soda water, a dash to taste Blend it all together or mix in a shaker, with gusto Wear your special hat!


      Recipe Competition – Damian Cross – Chestnut mushroom and courgette stir fry

      4 large chestnut mushrooms 1 large courgette 2cm length of root ginger(grated) 2 large garlic cloves per person sesame seeds, soy sauce and noodles Heat some vegetable oil in a wok, briefly soften the garlic and ginger in the hot … Continue reading


      Recipe Competition – David Rhys Lewis – Cheesy Pasta Broccoli Thing (serves 2)

      Gently fry one onion until softenedAdd 1 chopped broccoli for a minute or two and 6 oz pasta for a minute or so Add enough veg to stock to cover and simmer Meanwhile: Make a cheese roux (1 tbsp button, … Continue reading


      Recipe Competition – Michelle Cooper – Butternut Squash and Spinach Risotto

      Brown onions, garlic and chilli flakes until soft, add 1L stock and half a butternut squash; cover for 15 minutes. Remove everything from pan and add risotto rice, cook for a minute and then add the squash etc. back to … Continue reading