Since its invention, the production of plastic has been growing almost exponentially. Today, 4 percent of the world’s oil goes directly toward its production, with another 4 percent being used to supply the necessary energy to produce plastic.

That alone makes plastic a material that isn’t particularly environmentally friendly. Furthermore, a lot of plastic is used to make disposable products rather than lasting ones. Half of the 300 million tons of plastic produced each year is used only once.


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Gove stirred into action – Friends of the Earth calls for legislation to go further

Friends of the Earth calls on Michael Gove to introduce legislation covering all unnecessary plastics, not just a handful of items. Reacting to DEFRA’s announcement on the ban of plastic cotton buds, straws and stirrers, Emma Priestland, plastics campaigner at … Continue reading

22nd May 2019


What happens to our household waste?

The government publishes annual statistics on waste collected by local authorities. What does this tell us about our household waste in Greater Manchester? Continue reading

18th May 2019


UK Overshoot day: resources used faster than they are replaced

Today (17 May) the UK has used up all its natural resources for the year – overshooting what the earth can replenish by more than six months. Friends of the Earth warns that we must “think again about how we … Continue reading

17th May 2019


Plastic problem: why we need government action

Plastic is almost inescapable. Asking people to avoid plastic just isn’t realistic unless we get tough on the companies producing it. Continue reading

11th Apr 2019


Chorlton Brook litter pickin’ in the rain!

Despite the rain we had a depressingly successful litter pick at Chorlton Brook on Saturday clearing away loads of stuff that had been dumped – half of which can be recycled. Continue reading

23rd Mar 2019


Microplastic pollution widespread in British lakes and rivers – new study

Inland waterways must be routinely monitored for microplastic pollution New research [1] by Bangor University and Friends of the Earth has found microplastic pollution in some of Britain’s most iconic and remote rivers and lakes.

7th Mar 2019


#DrasticOnPlastic Timer Challenge: Can you avoid single-use plastic for a day?

People across the UK are being urged to take the #DrasticOnPlastic Timer Challenge and find out how long they can go without using pointless plastic.

7th Feb 2019


Government Waste Strategy published – Friends of the Earth reaction

The government’s Resources and Waste Strategy, published today, could significantly cut waste and boost recycling, Friends of the Earth said today – but only if clear targets and action are included.

18th Dec 2018

Newsletter 2018 Cover Thumbnail

All I want for Christmas is to be Plastic-Free !

Manchester Friends of the Earth are inviting people to have a plastic-free festive season this year. The group have produced a colourful Plastic-Free Christmas newsletter packed full with fantastic ideas for top plastic-free swaps, how to shop for a plastic-free … Continue reading

5th Dec 2018


Toast to 2019: Friends of the Earth’s guide to an eco-friendly New Year’s Eve party

Party season is in full swing, and while Christmas is yet to pass there will certainly be many of us turning our attention to the biggest party of the year – New Year’s Eve.