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A shift towards more sustainable modes of transport is good news for our health, communities and the environment, both locally and globally. It is a vital step in reducing the emissions causing climate change. Manchester Friends of the Earth campaigns for cycling, walking, alternative fuels and quality public transport to be at the heart of policies on how we get around. We also believe that it is important to reduce the need to travel by, for example, promoting the use and development of local shops and services.


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Sign the petition for Better Buses in Greater Manchester

Right now, bus companies do what they like and it’s afree market wild west scenario. We need public control.

11th Nov 2018


Call for sustainable transport and healthy air for the city centre!

Transport for Greater Manchester are seeking views on the development of the city centre. They are working with Manchester City Council and Salford City Council. You have until Wednesday 17th October to give your views on how you find getting … Continue reading

8th Oct 2018


Special Report: How air pollution is cutting life expectancy in Manchester (Granada ITV)

Manchester has at times the dirtiest, most polluted air in Western Europe and people living in the city could have their lives shortened because of it.

3rd Oct 2018


Toxic air slips under the radar of parents, despite the huge risk it poses to children’s lungs

Survey data released today by Friends of the Earth found that only 10% of parents with a child of school age (4-16) were worried about their child breathing dirty air while on schoolgrounds, or on their way to or from … Continue reading

19th Sep 2018


Imagine Different:  Re-designing Manchester – one parking space at a time!

On Friday 21st September, Manchester Friends of the Earth is inviting people to join them to help redesign a car parking space in Manchester city centre into a picnic park complete with “grass”, plants, deckchairs, tea, cupcakes and sparkling conversation … Continue reading

18th Sep 2018


Remove the A6-M60 Bypass from SEMMMS plans: lift the threat to our valleys and fields (Goyt Valley SOS!)

Please sign the petition, calling for the A6-M60 Bypass to be removed from Stockport Council’s SEMMMS Refresh transport strategy. The final version of SEMMMS Refresh is likely to appear soon for approval by councillors. It is yet another attempt to … Continue reading

6th Sep 2018


Can you help the Station South Restoration and Cycle Café crowdfunder ?

We’re restoring an old railway station to its former glory and need your help to transform it into a destination cycle café, bar, co-working space and permaculture inspired garden! 

29th Aug 2018


Interviews with women for PhD project on air pollution – can you help?

My name is Maria – I am a PhD student at Manchester Metropolitan University. My PhD focuses on promoting the voices of citizens when it comes to air pollution and designing future clean urban environments. Specifically, I am focusing on … Continue reading

15th Aug 2018

Healthy Air Thumbnail

News release: Get animated about air pollution!

Today, Tuesday 14th August, Manchester Friends of the Earth are launching a powerful animation to highlight the damage caused by air pollution in Greater Manchester. The animation, created by Hannah Langfield a Manchester-based motion designer, vividly shows the dangers of … Continue reading

14th Aug 2018


DEFRA Clean Air Strategy consultation – Manchester Friends of the Earth’s response

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) recently consulted on the Government’s draft Clean Air Strategy. Manchester Friends of the Earth detailed response is available (pdf).  See below for the introduction to our response and why we need … Continue reading

13th Aug 2018