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Britain calls for global coal phase-out at climate talks; yet greenlights fracking and opencast coalmining

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16th Nov 2017

Britain calls for global coal phase-out at the climate talks happening in Bonn today, yet greenlights fracking in Yorkshire and opencast coalmining in Northumberland. Isn’t this just hypocritical?

The UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Bonn, Germany, will end tomorrow. On the penultimate day of talks Britain, along with Canada, will defy US support for fossil fuels and instead lobby for support in a global alliance to phase out coal. This alliance to move away from coal began through bilateral cooperation between Theresa May and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in September.

Commenting, Rachel Kennerley, Friends of the Earth climate campaigner, said:

“It’s a profound that because the UK is positioning itself as a climate leader by encouraging others to phase out coal – and clearly that is all good news – but simultaneously green-lighting fracking which will open up a whole new fossil industry.

“There comes a point where it’s pure and simple hypocrisy. For the UK to have any authority we have to stop chasing a fracking pipe-dream and stop digging up coal. One instant win is for the government to reject the massively damaging coalmine proposal at Druridge Bay. This would do more than send a message: it would actually end coal extraction.”

“It’s time Britain dropped fracking, put an end to coal, and invested in renewables, this is the winning combination that will combat dangerous climate change.”


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