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5th Mar 2018

After the first experience of our Plastic Free Takeaways campaign in Levenshulme, we took time to decide on a more feasible and realistic plan of action for reducing plastic in Manchester and teamed up with several interested individuals and groups to work with councils on their Plastic Free Greater Manchester campaign and encourage them to enforce tighter regulations of waste in the hospitality industry.

We researched the best eco-friendly materials, in relation to the ones with the lowest carbon-emissions at different price points, so the businesses could be fully informed and in a better position to change their packaging.

Our plans are now to visit businesses, encouraging them to make the switch. In recognition of their changes they will be rated as green, amber or red and be able to display this to the public. This also helps customers know what restaurants, bars and takeaways are more proactive in trying to reduce their impact on our environment , and therefore more deserving of their money. We will be regularly updating our resources on what materials are less carbon heavy so that we remain reliable advisors to businesses and customers.

The aim of this campaign, now in collaboration with councils, is to reduce plastic waste in the hospitality industry across Greater Manchester, not just one concentrated area. This is one step of the many changes that we will need to make as a society to reduce the catastrophic impacts of climate change and reduce our impact on the environment.

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