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Dear Prime Minister: time to rethink HS2 (The Wildlife Trusts)

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The scale of destruction HS2 will cause to wildlife is revealed.

Ecosystems permanently damaged. Irreplaceable habitats destroyed. Taxpayer’s money spent on restoration wasted. Species extinctions at a local level. 

This could be nature’s fate if the current plans for HS2 continue. 

In the most comprehensive assessment to date, our new report reveals the sheer scale of the potential damage that HS2 could cause.  

The figures are grim.

The reality could be even worse.

Given the evidence of the impacts on nature, now is the time to rethink how HS2 is being done.

This is serious, so we are taking our message straight to the top. Join us in calling on the Prime Minister to stop and rethink the entire project – while there is still time. 

Please add your name our open letter to Boris Johnson today!

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