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Don’t let your money fund gas drilling in Mozambique (Friends of the Earth)

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16th Feb 2020

The UK government is currently deciding whether to pump millions in taxpayers’ money into a vast new gas drilling development in Mozambique. 

This new gas project would speed up climate breakdown and devastate the coast, threatening UNESCO-listed nature sites such as coral reefs and mangroves. 

Communities along Mozambique’s gas rich coast are already losing their homes, farmland and fisheries. To make matters worse, much of the gas will likely be shipped halfway around the world for us and other countries to burn – causing almost twice the emissions usually created by gas.

We should be using our money to stop climate breakdown and protect the most vulnerable people from the impacts, not funding more climate-wrecking oil and gas developments.

But there’s still a chance to change our government’s mind. The Minister responsible, Liz Truss, hasn’t signed off the deal yet. 

Please join us and our colleagues at Friends of the Earth Mozambique to urge Liz Truss to reject this funding that will wreck the climate and devastate communities. 

We’ve drafted an email to help you get started, so it should only take a couple of minutes. 

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