Local Election Survey 2018 – Candidates

We’re surveying candidates in Greater Manchester for the 2018 election. Find out more about the survey.

Below is a summary of the responses across the areas of Greater Manchester. Where a candidate has already responded, you can see their response. If your candidates haven’t yet responded, follow the Twitter link to ask them to!

Daniel Towers
Green Party

Question 1
Climate Change
Do you agree that Greater Manchester should adopt the Tyndall Centre’s science-based carbon budgets, set targets to halve the region’s emissions in the next five years and become carbon neutral by 2038?


The Green Party would go even further. Achieving a zero carbon economy by 2050.

Question 2
Divestment from Fossil Fuels
Do you agree that the Greater Manchester Pension Fund should fully divest from fossil fuels in the next five years?


It is incredible that our funds are still subsidizing an economy that is expensive, unsustainable and finite. Every survey across Britain I've seen shows that Britain wants renewable, not fossil fuels.

Question 3
Walking and Cycling
Will you support your local council allocating funding to implement the walking and cycling (active travel) measures contained in Chris Boardman's ‘Made to Move’ report?


This is a real opportunity for GM to move away from motor vehicles and create a healthier city for our people

Question 4
Air Quality
Will you call on your local council to introduce ‘parking exclusion zones’ around local schools at peak times?


The air quality in Salford is the the worst in Greater Manchester the last I heard. We really need our council to step up and be the first to introduce these kinds of schemes. Particularly as Salford seems to be the area where most who work in Spinningfields/Deansgate love to park

Question 5
Will you support a ban on the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in your local council area and work to phase out the use of other pollinator-harming pesticides?


Question 6
Will you support the phase-out of single-use plastics in your local authority by 2020?


Straws have to be the most pointless uses of plastic and I am tired of continuously asking for my drink to come without a straw. As for bottles and coffee cups, making that change shouldn't really be so hard as long as there is the will to do it. In my workplace I pushed to provide everyone with reusable drinking bottles and to stop providing plastic cups and it has worked.

Question 7
Will you support the introduction of a cap on emissions from flights to and from Manchester Airport?


I'm struggling to see how the GMCA can claim that their proposals will see a cleaner, greener city to be honest

Question 8
Energy Efficiency
Do you support the introduction of a GM-wide building standard for all new developments to be zero-carbon and climate resilient?


Yes, as in the long run it will also make it cheaper to run and save money whilst also being kind to our lungs