Local Election Survey 2018 – Candidates

We’re surveying candidates in Greater Manchester for the 2018 election. Find out more about the survey.

Below is a summary of the responses across the areas of Greater Manchester. Where a candidate has already responded, you can see their response. If your candidates haven’t yet responded, follow the Twitter link to ask them to!

Joshua Hindle
Liberal Democrats
Worsley Mesnes

Question 1
Climate Change
Do you agree that Greater Manchester should adopt the Tyndall Centre’s science-based carbon budgets, set targets to halve the region’s emissions in the next five years and become carbon neutral by 2038?


It is vital now more than ever we make a full commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement especially after the USA's failure to uphold the agreement

Question 2
Divestment from Fossil Fuels
Do you agree that the Greater Manchester Pension Fund should fully divest from fossil fuels in the next five years?


It's important that we start to invest in renewable energy sources as fossil fuels continue to deplete. This is not just environmentally reckless but socially reckless.

Question 3
Walking and Cycling
Will you support your local council allocating funding to implement the walking and cycling (active travel) measures contained in Chris Boardman's ‘Made to Move’ report?


Not only will this help reduce carbon emissions but this will also promote healthy living throughout Greater Manchester. However, serious investment to fix the abundance of pot holes in the locality is vital to ensure this measure can progress seamlessly.

Question 4
Air Quality
Will you call on your local council to introduce ‘parking exclusion zones’ around local schools at peak times?


This is surely a sensible and common sense approach to help reduce early deaths and protect our youngest residents. Clean air is a basic human right, one we have sorely failed on.

Question 5
Will you support a ban on the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in your local council area and work to phase out the use of other pollinator-harming pesticides?


It's no secret that bee's have been having a tough time over the last few years with Colony collapse, the use of these types of pesticides is another unnecessary addition burden for them to deal with. It's understated how important bee's are to our ecosystem and considering they are the symbol for Manchester we owe them as much as we can to help support them and protect them from undue harm.

Question 6
Will you support the phase-out of single-use plastics in your local authority by 2020?


Back in October 2015 the Liberal Democrats successfully introduced a 5p charge on plastic carrier bags. Since its introduction retailers have reported a significant drop of 83% for carrier bag use. Coupled with addition funding for environmental projects this has been an overwhelming success. Now is the time to phase out completely the use of single use carrier bags as we've seen some retailers switch to more environmentally friendly options there is still a use in some areas.

Question 7
Will you support the introduction of a cap on emissions from flights to and from Manchester Airport?

Don't know

The difficulty with this particular issue is that the additional addition passengers that are choosing Manchester as their destination holds huge economic benefits for the area. Though the environmental argument is justified and a right we must be aware that this maybe more difficult with our current aircrafts and with an increase of passengers.

Question 8
Energy Efficiency
Do you support the introduction of a GM-wide building standard for all new developments to be zero-carbon and climate resilient?


Another common sense approach which will help deal with a problem before it becomes one. A lot of housing in the North West has been standing for decades and so naturally struggle to meet efficiency standards that are expected of new builds. However, some new builds still fall short of a zero-carbon target. This needs to change.