Local Election Survey 2018 – Candidates

We’re surveying candidates in Greater Manchester for the 2018 election. Find out more about the survey.

Below is a summary of the responses across the areas of Greater Manchester. Where a candidate has already responded, you can see their response. If your candidates haven’t yet responded, follow the Twitter link to ask them to!

Dave Tate
Stalybridge Town Party
Dukinfield / Stalybridge

Question 1
Climate Change
Do you agree that Greater Manchester should adopt the Tyndall Centre’s science-based carbon budgets, set targets to halve the region’s emissions in the next five years and become carbon neutral by 2038?


Global politics needs to accept some core values to ensure the planet can continue to sustain it's growing population without further detriment to the environment. There's been too much buck passing and feet dragging by all parties in mainstream political power in many countries.

Question 2
Divestment from Fossil Fuels
Do you agree that the Greater Manchester Pension Fund should fully divest from fossil fuels in the next five years?


The use of fossil fuels and reliance on their production by so many unstable countries means we're paying through the nose anyway. I can only see investment in renewable energy now being a sound investment before the cost of fossil fuels and other earth resources rockets. I remember Street being blockaded when petrol prices hit £1 a litre. Where are they now?

Question 3
Walking and Cycling
Will you support your local council allocating funding to implement the walking and cycling (active travel) measures contained in Chris Boardman's ‘Made to Move’ report?


With our community group, Stalybridge Town, on Facebook we have promoted the activity of local walkers and cyclists. After speaking with the local Tameside Riders group recently I think horse owners deserve consideration in any such policy or plan. They put around £9 million a year into the local economy and are only currently allowed on around 9% of pathways.

Question 4
Air Quality
Will you call on your local council to introduce ‘parking exclusion zones’ around local schools at peak times?

Don't know

This is a subject I'm not informed enough on. As a single parent I would like to comment that many schools are now in areas that are bring developed or where lots of new homes have been built on plots of land that local councils have been selling off. Safe parking or drop off and collection points need to be supplied. We have them in supermarkets, why not schools? The answer isn't simply "don't Park here" if it then spreads the parking problem into surrounding areas rather than finding long term solutions.

Question 5
Will you support a ban on the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in your local council area and work to phase out the use of other pollinator-harming pesticides?

Don't know

Again, a topic I don't feel well informed enough to answer right now but a subject I will research as an issue from herein.

Question 6
Will you support the phase-out of single-use plastics in your local authority by 2020?


A problem I admit I only knew about due to recent media coverage. Recent developments in alternatives now gives little excuse for not achieving this.

Question 7
Will you support the introduction of a cap on emissions from flights to and from Manchester Airport?

Don't know

Without knowing figures I wouldn't like to commit. Not a person to try and blag an answer. open to someone with more knowledge to inform me.

Question 8
Energy Efficiency
Do you support the introduction of a GM-wide building standard for all new developments to be zero-carbon and climate resilient?

Don't know

We are in the middle of a housing crisis that it seems everyone apart from any governments in power have seen coming for decades. The lack of affordable housing should be addressed urgently while at the same time keep within energy saving and environmental practice. Introduction of new legislation in the current environment, especially with the imminent rewrite of the GMSF could cause more feet dragging and excuse making.