Local Election Survey 2018 – Candidates

We’re surveying candidates in Greater Manchester for the 2018 election. Find out more about the survey.

Below is a summary of the responses across the areas of Greater Manchester. Where a candidate has already responded, you can see their response. If your candidates haven’t yet responded, follow the Twitter link to ask them to!

Martin Judd
Labour Party

Question 1
Climate Change
Do you agree that Greater Manchester should adopt the Tyndall Centre’s science-based carbon budgets, set targets to halve the region’s emissions in the next five years and become carbon neutral by 2038?


Yes, and I will be looking into what we are doing in Oldham to meet the targets.

Question 2
Divestment from Fossil Fuels
Do you agree that the Greater Manchester Pension Fund should fully divest from fossil fuels in the next five years?


I agree 100% and that it should have been done by now. If it can be done in less than 5 years it should be.

Question 3
Walking and Cycling
Will you support your local council allocating funding to implement the walking and cycling (active travel) measures contained in Chris Boardman's ‘Made to Move’ report?


It's hard to change transport behaviours without the infrastructure there to encourage walking and cycling. Last year I frequently cycled into Manchester from Oldham along the Rochdale Canal Towpath in early hours of the morning to get to work, but with poor lighting, inconsistent surfaces and a number of steps it definitely wasn't encouraging. We will need a lot of upgrades to our infrastructure to make cycling and walking a viable option for significant numbers of people. My only concern would be for each of the councils to find room in their budgets to allocate this level of funds given the cuts they have faced.

Question 4
Air Quality
Will you call on your local council to introduce ‘parking exclusion zones’ around local schools at peak times?


If we can make reduce air pollution by implementing simple policies such as this then we should. It also would help to mitigate some of the complaints of residents who live in close proximity to schools and have the streets lined with cars on a daily basis. Making the areas a pedestrian and cycling only zone might however be a step too far given the number of schools on major routes into the area and having the cars drive further to get to their destination might actually negate any positive effects created.

Question 5
Will you support a ban on the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in your local council area and work to phase out the use of other pollinator-harming pesticides?

Don't know

In principle yes, I want to take steps to protect our bee population. However this is one that I am not too sure on nor aware of what the current regulation allows and would have to look at further to be 100%. My concern is that in the short term a ban could lead farmers towards using pesticides that cause more damage to bees than the neonicotinoid ones. It may be more appropriate to encourage reductions in use and increase crop rotation.

Question 6
Will you support the phase-out of single-use plastics in your local authority by 2020?


An easy YES, we can start by getting rid of all the single-use plastic cups at council meetings.

Question 7
Will you support the introduction of a cap on emissions from flights to and from Manchester Airport?


If it is part of a worldwide emission reduction strategy. Capping at one airport will not force greater research and development of new lower emission aircraft. All we will see is a reduction in the supply of flights in Manchester and increase at another such as Liverpool or Birmingham. I do not believe cap and trade will be an effective force of reducing aircraft emissions, by design it is meant to offset not reduce. If a true cap on emissions at Manchester Airport was part of a UN ICAO deal it would have my full support.

Question 8
Energy Efficiency
Do you support the introduction of a GM-wide building standard for all new developments to be zero-carbon and climate resilient?


As long as these standards can be met while still providing truly affordable housing it's a yes from me.