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101: What are Climate Reparations? (evening) (Tipping Point)

From storms, to floods, to fires, climate change is impacting people around the world. Global North countries like the UK have built their wealth through colonialism, slavery, and the burning of fossil fuels, while countries and communities in the Global South are being hit hardest by loss and damage.

We call for climate reparations to make polluters pay for loss and damage from climate change, and transform the systems that marginalise people in the first place.

Join us for an hour-long workshop, where we will introduce the concept of climate reparations through an intersectional lens, explore how our own organising connects with global struggles for justice, and brainstorm how to build an unstoppable climate reparations movement.

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Start Thursday 4 Apr 2024 6:00pm
Finish Thursday 4 Apr 2024 7:00pm
Organised by Tipping Point

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