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10th Wigan Diggers Festival

The 10th Wigan Diggers Festival, a day celebrating the life, work, ideas and influence of Wigan-born founder of the Diggers’ Movement, Gerrard Winstanley (1609-1676) and our town as a cradle of Socialism.
A free event offering ideas, music, togetherness and hope in a time of trouble and division.

With stalls offering political inclusiveness for the many not the few, plus music and poetry throughout the day on two stages, featuring original local, regional and nationally recognised artists in a variety of complementary genres.

There is also a bar featuring Diggers themed ales.

In these days of austerity, exclusion and greed, with government by the Boris, for the Boris, this is a celebration by the people, for the people. We are revolting- come and join in, you may enjoy it.

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Artists to feature this year:

Main Stage:
Uke Punk
Hadrians Union
Bard Company
Barnstormer 1649
The Brandon Lee Webb Band
Joe Solo
Merry Hell

In the Square:

Wigan True Levellers Community Samba Band

The Dorothy Fryman Song and Story Stage:

Rare Ould Times
Lesley Dawson Heath
Simon Williams
Jethro Platts
The Quaintest Show on Earth
The Corrie Shelley Band
Jimmy Andrex
The Bathtub Gin Band
Isaac Hughes-Dennis

Event Details

Location Gerrard Winstanley Gardens - The Wiend
Wigan, WN1 1PF
Start Saturday 12 Sep 2020 11:30am
Finish Saturday 12 Sep 2020 9:30pm
Organised by Wigan Diggers' Festival

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