Active Travel – Can commuting to work be your daily exercise? (hosted by Sustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit)

Join us as we discuss alternative modes of commuting and the potential health benefits associated with them.
City life can be busy, and for many people it has become increasingly difficult to find spare time to include exercise. The commuting window each day offers many people an opportunity to travel actively to and from work to include exercise within their daily routine.

Active travel can bring a whole range of benefits, including, as mentioned, individual health benefits gained through increased physical activity, but also potentially improved local air quality, cost savings to public bodies through improved public health, and the mitigation of climate change through reduced transport emissions. This mesh of benefits includes multiple policy arenas, multiple scales (individual, local, regional, national and global), and both public and private benefits. This complexity makes understanding, talking about and promoting active travel complicated.

In this session we explore some of this complexity by considering both the health benefits of active travel alongside its role as a commuting option. We also break out of the typical active travel dualism of walking and cycling to include one the most popular forms of exercise and an emerging commuting option – running. Although discussion is open to all forms of active travel.

Speakers include academics, policy makers and user groups.

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PLEASE NOTE: This event is listed in our cycling events calendar for Greater Manchester. It is not organised by Manchester Friends of the Earth nor the Love Your Bike campaign and does not necessarily reflect their policies. We recommend checking with the organisers in case of a change of time or location.

Event Details

Location Old Fire Station
Start Wednesday 2 Oct 2019 12:30pm
Finish Wednesday 2 Oct 2019 2:00pm